Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Best Singles/EPs/Splits of 2013

I listened to a lot of great singles, EPs, and splits this year, so I divided my year-end list into Best Singles/EPs/Splits and Albums of 2013.  Below is a Spotify playlist to go along with this post. Unfortunately, Spotify lacked a lot of the releases on the list, so I threw in a few from the Honorable Mention section to fill it out.

Airglow Fires (Single) - Lone
From the opening bars, it's easy to tell that "Airglow Fires" is a Lone track.  I haven't come across a producer with such unique chord progressions and knack for sound design as Lone, and this single has me anxiously awaiting another full-length.

Disciples of Christ / Triac Split - Disciples of Christ & Triac
Grinding powerviolence with some really thick production.  This split finds the perfect balance between clarity and lo-fi aesthetic.  The Triac side rounds out this split nicely, but the star of the show is the far more visceral D.O.C. side.

Rolx (EP) - Moiré
But don't let the "tech house" label deter you from checking this one out.  Of Moiré's two EPs to be released this year, this is the stronger.  "Rolx" and "Real Special" are higher-BPM tracks that keep me coming back to this EP.

Radical Cutting Methods (Single) - Clouds
Punishing industrial techno.  Crackling, percussive tracks with a pair of remixes on the B side. A rather neanderthal counterpart to Ghost Systems Rave.

This Septic Isle (Split) - Oblivionized & Human Cull
The Oblivionized side shouldn't surprise anyone familiar with the band's output.  Thick production paired with vomitous vocals and turn-on-a-dime riffing.  The Human Cull side is equally crushing, straight up grind.  Looking forward to what these bands have to offer in 2014.

Nancy's Pantry (EP) - Tessela
Disorienting 90's jungle throwback.  Nobody chops up a break like Tessela, and this EP shows it.  An absolute basher from front to back.

Honorable Mention
Gotham (EP) - Ten Walls
Apheleia's Theme (EP) - Huerco S.
Caustic View (EP) - Bandshell
Never Sleep (EP) - Moiré
Species at War (EP) - Rotten Sound

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